Guardian Homes

Fostering a dog can be an excellant way to have a top quality dog for a family pet.  We have choosen this program so that

our babies are in forever homes with suitable families as their dog and we retain breeding rights.  This means it is your dog

and stays in a family enviroment where they can be socialized and interacting with family.  We pay for all health testing

related to breeding and all breeding expenses.  When the dog is old enough, he or she, comes back to us for breeding and/or

whelping.  When the dog completes his or her breeding obligations, we spay or neuter the dog for you and the dog enjoys

the wonderful home its had all its life. Males are usually retained for siring babies for longer, but do not need to leave

their families for long periods.  Females come to us one week before delivering puppies and stays about 9 weeks.  

The price for the fostering family is that of a pet puppy.  This cost can be recooped once testing and breedings have

been completed either in cash or a pet puppy. (one time reinbursement), regardless of number of litters whelped or number 

of times used.

If it is assessed that the dog I placed with you is not needed for my breeding program when he or she comes of age,

the contract is then dissolved and all goes back to the original pet agreement.  Also if the family moves out of state

the contract is void and you have the dog as a pet--he or she must be spayed or neutered.

Fostering Benefits:

.foster families have a pick of litter puppy chosen by the breeder

.the dog doesn't need to be re-homed as an adult after retiring

.there is no need for the breeder to kennel the dog

.the dogs are well socialized and in good environments

.foster familes can schedule trips during whelpings without paying for kenneling their dogs


Requirements for Guardian Homes

Own their own home

have a fully fenced yard

take their dog to puppy obedience classes

ensure the puppy is well socialized

provide veterinary care when needed

feed a diet approved by the breedee and vet

notify breeder when a female begins her heat cycle

must not allow a female around intack males during her cycle

must not allow a male to breed to other females

live within resonable driving distance

be interviewed by breeder


If you think our foster program interests you, please feel fee to contact us

Thank you

Marie Johnson