Dreamcatchers Doodles is now offering boarding in our home. Your puppy will be treated like a member of our family until he returns to you!  No Kennels. Only a few spots available at any one time. 

Board is $40.00 per day.

Training is $630.00 per week for puppies 6 months and younger.  For puppies and dogs over 6 months, the price is 700.00 per week. For the puppies this includes their training harness.  

For either service please bring your dogs own food and some small  crate snacks for when they go to bed at night.  We provide the training treats. Thank you!



Puppies going home!

We will keep your puppy until he/she is 9 weeks old free of charge unless you want training! 

After that these charges will apply for a limited amount of time except the full training.  

$250... per week with crate training only.( This service  only offered for Dreamcatchers Doodle pups)           

$630... per week full training working on the items listed below. 

Once your pupy leaves us  to go home with you  then full board and training costs will apply if you want further training or boarding in the future.  

 We start each pup as if he or she will be a service or therapy dog.  We train in public places such as Lowes and Home Depot in the garden section, in front of grocery stores, convenience stores, Walmart  and anywhere that other dogs have not been to keep the pups safe from disease.  We try to introduce many new situations to the puppy to develop his social skills and acclimate him to different public places.  We always keep in mind the puppy's personality and never push him more than he can comfortably do and learn. At this age, learning should be lots of fun and very rewarding for the pups.  Any pup can learn to sit in your kitchen but what we strive for is a puppy who will have good manners in public situations and be a pleasure to teach and live in our homes.  After training, we will meet you  and go over what your pup has accomplished and help you to continue on with his training. Pleae bring something to video the exercises so you can review them at home.  We are available for any questions or help that we can give you after you take your puppy home as well.  Each pup learns at a different rate according to age and maturity so it is difficult to predict how much can be accomplished in a given period of time.  After about a week we can better predict a time frame of training depending on what you want accomplished.  Please remember that this training must be continued after your puppy goes home....the more time, training and love you put into your puppy the more rewards you will receive by having an obedient and loving dog that you will be proud to have as a member of your family. 


Puppy skills that are practiced are:

crate training                    leash work 

wait                                   sit

down                                watch

bite inhibition                   name recognition

riding in the car                socialization 

not jumping                      greeting strangers politely

stay (with distractions)    place

leave it                             come up sits

bunny hops                      close

All of the above skills can be used to acquire your puppy's Therapy Dog Certification.  Dogs can be tested at one year of age.  Its never to young to start their training and the younger you start the more confident your pup will be.  For more information about your dog becoming a Therapy Dog go to Therapy dogs International or Happy Tails therapy Dogs. 


Also, we can work on other specific areas of training that are desired in accordance with the puppies age.


Call , text or  email any questions you may have about this service!!